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Collins members at the Science Museum Collins members at the Science Museum of Western Virginia

This is the home page for our shuttle.

We're just getting started - but great things are afoot!

Watch this page for updates, further info, and a much fancier design :)

"Dreams do come true" - Eileen Collins, first female NASA shuttle commander

Click the image to the right to see a larger scan of TV's Guide's new Enterprise graphic! The new Enterprise

Command Staff | Important Dates | Web Links

Command Staff:

Captain: Rain O'Brien -

First Officer: Matt Brinegar - email pending

Operations Manager: position vacant

Conn: position vacant

Chief Medical Officer: Joyce Brinegar - email pending

Chief Engineer: Ed Philibin -

Security Chief: Cheryl Cunningham - email pending

Chief Science Officer: Keith Brinegar -

Chief Tactical Officer: Michael O'Brien -

Important Dates:
Upcoming meetingsAs our social calendar is in flux just now, contact Commander O'Brien by e-mail or subscribe to our mailing list for information on the next Collins get-together.

Web Links:

iconCollins Mailing List - Click the link to request a subscription by e-mail! - "A Planned Internet Community". Visit the main site of our generous host and some of our friends!
iconWhite Plectrum - Comedy filksingers, and close friends of the Collins.
iconUSS Heimdal - our wonderful mother ship in Lynchburg, VA.
iconUSS Yeager - our sister ship in Bluefield, WV.
iconVTSFFC - The SF and Fantasy club at Virginia Tech. Yeager, Collins, and White Plectrum all work very closely with these fine folks.
iconRising Star - The home convention for the Yeager and Collins. Held late fall in Salem, VA.
iconTechnicon - The home convention for our good friends in VTSFFC. Held early spring in Blacksburg, VA.